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Evolving the Youth Athlete

Proactive EDGE Youth

Join the ProActive Edge today and learn the skills and techniques from our experts that will make you a better Athlete.

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Price: $39
  • 3 speed only workouts that do not require equipment.
  • 3 Strength & Speed workouts that do not require equipment.
  • Safe bodyweight Strength & Speed development.
  • Movement prep designed to help balance and muscle activation.
  • Video demonstrations of all exercises performed by NFL athletes.
  • Coaching points on every exercise by Ryan Capretta.
+1 (805) 494-4302

Building Better Athletes

If you want access to the programs that will work, and the guidance and secrets used to develop young athletes, take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.

The ProActive Edge Youth Program builds:

Athleticism and Balance Emphasis on postural alignment, proper biomechanics, and stimulation to build agility and coordination Injury Prevention Strengthening abdominal wall and the surrounding powerhouse muscles will improve coordination and aid in injury prevention.Performing speed and agility drills with good posture will aid in the development of the youth athlete. Speed and Power Focusing on motor skill development, neuromuscular coordination, and joint mobility.

Specialized Programs: Speed, Agility, Balance, and Coordination

Training youth athletes is not the same as training adults. The exercises. The workouts. The design. It's a different world. There's a science to creating great athletes, teaching movement patterns, and developing a safe environment that caters to each athlete's body. Research shows that most athletes never reach their full potential because of flawed programs that place athletes at an increased risk of injury, push too hard, or perform the wrong movements that stunt progress. At the ProActive Edge we use proven strategies to building young athletes the right way. We take a different approach that has made us one of the most in-demand programs for developing athletes. The Proactive Edge System brings out the best in any young athlete by providing programs with a natural progression that builds skills and athleticism. Fundamentals are taught, skills are learned, and challenges are created to guarantee a strong foundation is built. If you've ever wanted to ensure that your child is doing the right exercises and following a program that works, this is where athletes are born.

Want to learn from the best? Now you can...

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