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  • A complete year round guide to training: This includes comprehensive, day-by-day offseason, summer, and in-season workouts.
  • Details on how to structure training programs for every type of athlete.
  • Specific training techniques and guidelines how to improve: strength, size, speed, and athleticism.
  • More than 500 exercise videos— performed by some of the biggest names in the NFL- including demonstrations with coaching tips for how to master every movement.
  • Interactive platform that grants you access to Ryan Capretta and the ProActive Edge Coaches to ask your specific questions and receive advice and professional training guidance.
  • Exercise progressions and regressions: Learn how to design a workouts for your athlete's needs.
  • A library of coaching lessons teaching you everything from training large groups, injury prevention, and the best way to balance field work and weight room success
  • Webinar series that instructs and teaches you how to become the best coach possible.
  • Downloadable workout templates that are ready to use for all your athletes.
  • Workout calendar to help schedule 12-months of training.
  • A complete for nutrition guide and sample meal plans for your athletes.
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"He is passionate about learning new ideas and excels at taking this information and filtrating it down to a form that can be taught and reinforced through coaching. He has done well at every level in the training industry and I have the utmost confidence that he delivers the athletes at Proactive the latest, yet most sensible training programs available."
Chip Morton Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Cincinnati Bengals
"Ryan brings unsurpassed knowledge, work ethic, and organizational skills. He knows how to run a safe, prudent, productive, and practical program. And he knows how to teach it to anyone. After 6 to 12 weeks of training with Coach Capretta's system, your athletes will be in the best condition of their lives and stronger than they have ever been."
Michael Bradley Florida State University Head Basketball Strength Coach
"If you want to play or coach at the next level, then you need to train with someone who has been there. Ryan Capretta understands what it takes to get to the top and stay there. If you want results, then choose Proactive. You won't find better."
Kirby Wilson Veteran NFL Coach

The Best Coaches Get Coached

Gain direct access to the mentorship and training programs of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

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RYAN CAPRETTA Founder, ProActive Edge

I've been in your shoes. You're a coach. You're programmed to work hard, hustle harder, and manage everything behind the scenes that allows your players to perform well in the gym and on the field. But you're also a professional. You want to succee, grow in your career, and rise to become the best in your field. That's why I created ProActive Edge.
Strength and conditioning conferences and seminars are helpful—but what would happen if you could bring the best mentors and speakers with you to your gym every day to help you train your athletes?

This is your chance to become the best coach possible for your athletes.

I've worked at every level with athletes—in the NCAA with Stanford, in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens, and with a host of NFL, NBA, MLB, and Olympic athletes at my facility Proactive Sports Performance.The ProActive Edge was designed specifically for coaches and up-and-coming trainers who want and need a resource for every training situation. Whether you just began your career or want to springboard to something bigger, this program offers a complete spectrum of training knowledge, leadership and excellence. From teaching how to design training programs, to empowering techniques that will show you the best way to train different types of athletes and master more than 500 exercises and drills, the ProActive Edge is where coaches come to be coached.

You'd have to go to several conferences and travel the United States—costing you thousands of dollars—to receive just some of the information I provide. But I've provided them all in a digital platform that is yours forever, for a one-time payment of $799.99.

And if you sign up now, we'll offer you a special one-time offer at an extremely reduced price.

This is your chance to distinguish yourself from the rest. I've spent years to develop a premier coaching guide that can be delivered directly to you.

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Best of all? It has already been tested on every type of athlete, from high school to the pros. This is your edge.

Good coaches coach. Great coaches get coached. Let me help you raise your game. To join the program, simply click below and we'll get started.

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