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Price: $19.99
  • A new workout every month designed by Ryan.
  • A private blog.
  • Personalized coaching.
  • Q & A section to interact with Ryan and the proactive coaches.
  • An exercise library of more than 500 videos featuring NFL stars.
  • Sample meal plans
+1 (805) 494-4302
Price: $79
  • 20+ Speed workouts with progression throughout entire offseason.
  • 5 Phase offseason program.
  • Workouts include: Linear speed, Multi-directional speed, Hybrid Athletic Development, and more...
  • Movement prep designed to maximize speed training workouts
  • Video demonstrations of all exercises performed by NFL athletes.
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"I started training with ProActive prior to my rookie season, and I will be there every off-season! If you are an athlete looking to take your game to the next level, I highly recommend you train with ProActive Edge. They are the best in the business!"
Clay Matthews NFL All Pro Defensive Linebacker
"Ryan is a great friend and a true professional in sports performance. Working with him during my first several years helped me tremendously, and it's why I keep coming back. He is one of the premier coaches you will find."
Larry Fitzgerald NFL All Pro Wide Receiver
"By training with ProActive I was able to become a top-10 pick in the NFL draft. The staff and coaches at ProActive are the most knowledgeable, and that's why I work with them every offseason to train."
CJ Spiller NFL All Pro Running Back

Gain the Proactive Edge Insider Experience and monthly direct access to the mentorship and training programs.

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RYAN CAPRETTA Founder, ProActive Edge

I've worked with thousands and athletes and understand what it takes to to see proof of your hard work in the gym.

If you've ever wondered what would happen if the best strength coaches could train you, and the best athletes in the world taught you how to master every single exercises—then this is the experience you've been waiting for.

The ProActive Edge was designed to make the best pro athlete workouts accessable and adaptable to real people. For the first time ever, you can have access to my high-level coaching, all at a price that anyone can afford.

Unlike other temporary fixes, with the ProActive Edge you get new workouts every month that always leave you making progress and pushing forward. You also get access to ask the ProActive Edge coaching team and me any questions you have to help keep you on track.

When you join the ProActive Edge you'll gain access to the workouts and training advice that is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

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