Who can benefit from the ProActive Edge?

The ProActive Edge was designed to provide 360 degrees of training for coaches, athletes, and people looking for workout programs and advice they can trust. Ryan Capretta has spent that last 15 years learning from the best coaches in the world, and then practicing his craft with tremendous success on athletes of all levels. And now he's making that knowledge available to you.

If you are…

  • In need of consistent, strategically designed workouts that work
  • Looking to get bigger, stronger, or more muscular
  • Want to increase your speed, quickness, and agility
  • Want to develop or increase your athleticism
  • Are tired of aches and pains and want a training program that won't hurt
  • Want exclusive access to ask questions and be able to interact with the best strength coaches in the world

…then you'll want to sign up for the Athlete's Program. Members of the ProActive Edge receive a new, customized workout every month. You also have access to a video library of hundreds of exercises where you will learn from the best NFL athletes, and receive articles on a private, members-only blog. You'll also receive nutrition advice and be able to ask questions to the ProActive Coaches, including Ryan Capretta.

If you are…

  • A coach looking for education on safe and highly efficient training techniques
  • Looking for a turnkey solution that you can use and apply to any type of athlete
  • Wanting a better understanding of program design, how to train, and how to improve your athletes
  • In need of a video library filled with hundreds of coaching tips on how to improve and progress on any exercise
  • Looking to take the next step and work with the best strength coaches in the world, learn from them, and be taught their techniques
  • Hoping to see examples of a year-long calendar showing how to train and progress any type of athlete
  • Wanting to receive updates on new drills, exercise tips, and coaching advice

…then you'll want to join the Coaching Program. The ProActive Edge is the first virtual coaching center that teaches strength and conditioning coaches a methodology that is proven to work with every type of athlete, from high school to college. It allows you to adapt your own coaching style to workouts that will make your athlete's better. And it comes with all of the coaching templates, workouts, and information needed so that you can make your own adjustments that will best suite your athletes and schedule. Best of all, you have a place to interact with Ryan Capretta and the ProActive coaches so that you can have your questions answered by the pros. This is premier coaching in a box, and information that you can trust and rely on to advance your career and get the most out of your athletes.

What makes ProActive Edge different from other fitness programs?

The Internet is filled with lots of fitness advice. But most professional strength coaches—those that work with elite athletes—are usually untouchable or unaffordable to the masses. The average person doesn't have thousands of dollars to pay for training, and the average coach does have access to mentorship and program design unless they work at the highest level. Coaches need to learn from those that have the experience of working at every level, understand the different hurdles, barriers, and limitations, and can teach them the X's and O's of training that have been proven to work.

That's why Ryan Capretta spent years developing the ProActive Edge and tested it in his own facility—ProActive Sports Performance—with every type of athlete. Capretta has worked with some of the best athletes in the world over the last 15 years, but he's also worked with regular Joe's, businessmen and women, and hundreds of high school athletes. The ProActive Edge is his solution to solving the gap between fitness frustration and results.

The programs and coaching methods are scientifically tested, and the progressions and exercise techniques will maximize the genetic capabilities of any individual. What's more, the programs are safe and efficient and don't rely on smoke and mirrors or hypothetical techniques.

There are no models in the ProActive Edge. Members receive access to hundreds of exercises and drills, and real athletes demonstrate every exercise. You are taught by the best so that you can become the best.

My gym is limited. Can I still follow the programs?

Yes—you don't need special equipment for the coaches program or for the athlete's approach. We follow a particular formula for our workouts, but you can always substitute exercises to cater to the specifics of your facility. And we provide the alternatives that will work best. Remember, getting the best results is about progression, consistency, and how hard you work during your training.

What if I’m not an athlete? Can this still benefit me?

While our programs were originally designed for athletes, they have been tested on every type of person and translated to incomparable results. The ProActive Edge is a comprehensive program that works everything from strength to flexibility. One of the best aspects is that you're following a joint friendly training routine. You see, athletes accumulate a lot of body trauma while playing their sport. That is why the ProActive Ege Programs are designed to load your muscles and not your joints, which is a benefit to anyone.

The program provides guidelines to help you figure out how much weight to use, so that everything is individually cater and calibrated to your skill level, regardless of whether you're an athlete or not.

Is the coaching program only for currently employed strength and conditioning coaches?

No—this program is for coaches and students who are trying to learn more about training, be able to have success in the strength and conditioning, and looking for an opportunity to work with one of the best and most successful athletic training programs in the world. It can also serve as an education for sport coaches that have to administer their own strength and conditioning programs.

The coaching program was designed to share the ProActive Edge method and provide Ryan Capretta's knowledge and insights about training coaches and athletes of all levels. Having worked at every level—from professional to youth sports—the ProActive Edge is about improving the training industry by providing safe, productive, and effective techniques that any coach can learn from or replicate.

Can I apply your coaching programs to any athlete?

Good coaching programs can be applied to almost any individual or athlete. When I coached at Stanford University, we did sport-specific training, but you would have been surprised about the similarity and overlap from sport to sport. To make your job even simpler, we've broken up the system and allowed you to see how we work on different skills, such as speed, agility, strength, and conditioning. In the end, we've devised the best program that will benefit any athlete.

But remember, always speak to a medical professional, take a physical, and make sure you—or your athletes—are cleared for physical activity. This is a necessary first step before beginning any program.